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Industrial Engineer

It starts here.

Whether you need one or hundreds, our tailored approach ensures that you have the right employees to get the job done right! Get the best talent for your job with AK Staffing Agency!

On-Site Management

Allows for the administration of your company's entire flexible workforce or assumption of any level of on-site management responsibility of your workforce demands

Professional Staffing

AK specializes in professional staffing and can provide access to a talented pool of professionals with the skills and experience required to support your organization.

Workforce Management Program

A customizable strategy and program tailored to your unique workforce pains and goals

Direct Hire

Involves outsourcing the hassle of the recruiting and screening process of full-time employees


Our payroll solutions save time and expenses that can be associated with onboarding and offboarding personnel

Flexible Staffing

Allows your workforce to expand and contract on a cyclical schedule, according to production levels

What Our Clients Say

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"We recommend AK Staffing Agency because: Their communication is strong, they send great Candidates who are ready to work hard. Customer Service is outstanding. We have been very happy with their services."
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